Genealogy is defined as "the science of kinship" and the "memory of mankind".
In the Grecanic Area of Calabria it is of even greater importance because this area which, still a few centuries ago stretched from the outskirts of Reggio Calabria to Cape Spartivento, is into the unique location where Culture and Language of the ancient Magna Graecia were transmitted continuously until today: Calabria.
The memory of our ancestors is the memory of the descendants of the inhabitants of Magna Graecia: some stayed in Calabria others have emigrated to Italy and Europe, others in the Americas and Australia. The purpose of this site is to provide researchers with data from registers: vital records, parish records, notarial acts, fiscal records (catasto onciario) or emigration. From the church records were extracted baptisms, marriages, burials, and when the records exist, confirmations and statements of souls (the records begin shortly after the Council of Trent and extend until today).
From the vital records were extracted births, marriages, deaths. (there is no vital registration before the year 1809).br> To comply with the laws relating to privacy of most countries, extractions are limited to the centuries XVI-XVII-XVIII and XIX.
For the moment the site contains only data from the Valley of the Tuccio river, Valley of the Amendolea river and Bova, in the province of Reggio Calabria. Its purpose is, however, to extend to other valleys in the Grecanic Area. All extractions are not finished and many records are still being studied. Others have not yet been digitized. Some records are unfortunately lost.
We apologize to online researchers and ask them for patience: the work is under way and soon it will be accessible to all.

Giacomo Arcidiaco and Lionel Munaro